Granda James Ross – War Medals

Thanks to Tommy who kept these safe all these years.   Especially the exam certificate which Anne found in Tommy’s wallet.
They are now safe in the hands of the current last male member of the Ross family.

These are Granda James Ross WWII medals

On the left is the 1939-1945 Star.

In the middle is the France and Germany Star.

On the right is the War Medal 1939-1945.

Below is Granda James’ Name tag.     I believe this is the one from his time during WWII as the number is different from his time in Meerut (see below).
The format is Top line is his service number.  14350703

Middle line his religion – in this case Presbyterian

Bottom Line – obviously his name.  Ross.  J.

Below is his certificate of Education from 1925.

Granda (Gunner) James Certificate of Education from the Army 1925 from Meerut, India when he served with the 87th Field Battery.

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