Welcome to the Ross family archive. Well when I say the Ross family archive I really mean a small part of the Ross family.  In particular it’s a Ross family that lived (and some still do) in Aberdeen, Scotland although with life being what it is – we’re all over the globe now.

I’ll not beat about the bush, we were part of a big family.  Out of two members of the family (My Grandma and Grandad who are pictured above), they had a total of nine children.  Which means I had on my Mothers side; eight Aunties and Uncles (sadly one passed away as a child due to meningitis leaving us with seven), most of which had two children of their own, which gave me and my brother Graham, plenty of opportunity to play when the family got together, which they regularly did at almost any opportunity.

New Year parties, family Sunday trips out to Forest of Birse, Banchory or even Easter Egg rolling competitions at Echt were always well attended and a source of much merryment.  I may look back at these with rose tinted glasses now but I, and I know others, thoroughly enjoyed these times when the days were long, the nights were short and we didn’t really have a care in the world to worry about.  I often look back and wonder; why can’t it be like this again. Sadly, it’s a changed world now, people have grown up and now the extended family live across the globe, happily I’ve had the pleasure of visiting most of them during my travels.

Many many thanks must go out to the members of my family who have taken the time out to go through their photograph collections to dig out images, slides and memories to enable me to pull it all together.  As you’ll see it’s a continued work in progress and without them it would be nothing.

If you do have any family pictures (or video/cine/audio) you could share, I’d appreciate a copy to put it on the web so all the family can see them and bring back memories.

I hope you enjoy viewing them.

I’ve hopefully made it easy for you to find what you’re looking for – just type the persons name in the box on the right and it should find any picture that they’re in.  Failing that; just click on the posts above the search box and you’ll find the blocks that they’ve been catalogued and uploaded in.  One link for each upload block.

Stay safe and enjoy.